A proud GEMCOR Culture
We foster a culture of excellence in customer satisfaction, providing opportunities for growth and security to all our employees and shareholders. Our mission is to be the best in aero-structure and assembly automation while increasing value-add to our customers.

Global Customer Base

Gemcor China JV Office OpeningAcross the globe, GEMCOR equipment and systems are used by virtually every manufacturer of airframes. In today’s world, nearly every commercial aircraft you set foot on has in one way or another most likely come into contact with a GEMCOR system.While airframe including fuselage, wings and engine nacelles are GEMCOR system mainstays, GEMCOR systems are also being used in other industries including space and UAV’s. Take a look at our global customer base.

GEMCOR is Committed to High Quality


Gemcor facilitates world-class quality and continuous improvement throughout our product development, CNC solutions, robotic cells and custom applications.Our machine up-time is unmatched.  Our customers hail Gemcor as being superior in reliability. Gemcor also employs top-talent, field service technicians readily available to be onsite anywhere in the world within 24 hours.

GEMCOR is ISO 9001 Certified

Gemcor has earned ISO 9001-2000 certification, facilitating superior quality with checks and balances built into our operations from order entry, design, manufacturing, installation and field service.


Gemcor is committed to continual improvement of our Environmental, Health and Safety system, the prevention of pollution, the health and safety of our employees, and the impact of our processes on the community.Gemcor will comply with all relevant EH&S legislation and regulations. Should it be determined that existing laws and regulations are not adequate to assure protection of human health, safety and the environment, we will establish and meet our own EH&S quality standards.Environmental, Health and Safety objectives and targets are established annually and reviewed for continuing suitability at the management review meeting. EH&S legislation and regulations will be considered when setting goals. This policy is documented, implemented and maintained in our Environmental Management System. Comments and input from all employees and the community are welcomed and encouraged.This policy will be communicated to all persons working for or on behalf of Gemcor.

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