Company History

Founded in 1937 by Thomas Speller Sr., Gemcor invented the automated fastening process to support aircraft production during world war two. Gemcor’s Drivmatic® process quickly became an industry standard for automated aircraft assembly.

Over time, Gemcor has coupled innovation with Drivmatics to produce high precision, cutting edge technology. Since Gemcor’s inception over 75 years ago, over 2200 Gemcor systems have been shipped worldwide as we continue to be the favored, more reliable solution leading the Aerospace industry in automated fastening.

Thomas Speller Sr. Award

In honor of the automated fastening founder from Gemcor, the Thomas Speller Sr. award recognizes unusual achievements of an individual who, through dedicated service, tireless efforts, high ideals, and vision, contributed significantly to the implementation of manufacturing processes and methodologies in the dedicated discipline of automated fastening machines and their applications.

This award was established in 1983 and is administered by the Aerospace Automated Fastening Committee. It consists of a framed certificate presented each year at either the Aerospace Manufacturing Automated Fastening Exhibition or the SAE AeroTech Congress.

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