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Fuselage Fastening Systems

Gemcor’s All-Electric fastening technology offers a reliable,
easy-to-use solution for any fuselage application

Our fuselage systems have supported the aerospace industry for the past 75 years. Gemcor offers flexible All-Electric solutions all the way from simple semi-automatic solutions through 7 axis CNC systems all with countersink depth control, active panel protection and resilient clamp as standard features.

G12, G86 & G2000 Capabilities

  • Common to G12, G86 & G2000
    • Flexibility to fasten a number of different panels
    • Superior & highly repeatable head flushness
    • Pin Insert standard on all systems
    • Fastener installation rates reaching 19 rivets per minute
    • All-Electric systems utilize highly reliable and proven Roller Screw actuator
    • Gemcor’s Roller-screw technology is protected by US patent number   5,829,115
    • Easily expandable solutions for future growth and rate increases


    G12 CNC Fuselage Fastening System

    • No Foundation Required
    • Full 5-axis CNC
    • Vertical or Horizontal Loading
    • Simplified panel holding
    • Ideally suited for smaller panel assemblies


    G86 CNC Fuselage Fastening System

    • Increased size & weight capability
    • Full 5-axis CNC
    • Vertical or Horizontal Loading
    • Expandable for future applications
    • Expandable for Half Fuselage with G2000 minor C-Frame option


    G2000 CNC Fuselage Fastening System

    • Up to 7-axis CNC
    • Full half fuselage 180 degree fastening capability
    • Vertical or Horizontal Loading
    • Expandable for future applications
    • Our rotating minor C-Frame design gives 180 degrees of fastening capability for complete half fuselage fastening (G2000)
    • Gemcor’s G2000 apparatus and method is protected by US patent numbers 5,778,505 and 6,101,704 (G2000)

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