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High Speed Linear Head

Capabilities of the Gemcor High Speed Linear Head:

Quick cycle times

Gemcor’s High Speed Linear Upper Head with Automatic Tool Changer utilizes a “high speed linear electric motor” for the toggle head transfer affording very fast cycle times up to 19 fasteners per minute. Gemcor’s patented roller screw technology is used in the lower ram to provide fastener upset.

Three position transfer head

The linear upper head assembly with high speed electric servo transfer features a three position transfer head, including an auto vision resync camera, drill spindle, and toggle buck.

Two ways to apply sealant

Sealant can be applied using a “Peck” type sealant applicator through the pressure foot bushing or a straight down sealant position in the head as a 4th position.


The High Speed Linear Head features a Fischer/Precise spindle with vector drive for precise drilling in aluminum alloy, titanium or carbon composite applications.

Simple changeovers

The automatic tool changer utilizes HSK40 type tool holders. In addition, up to a five (5) station Rivet Injector Auto Changer is available to provide easy, automatic changeover from one fastener style to another.Combining the automatic functions of both the tool changer and injector changer creates ability to change up to five (5) diameters of fasteners automatically without pulling off the panel, significantly improving throughput.

Protection against panel damage

Active Panel Protection (APP) is standard on every Gemcor All-Electric Head, providing protection against tipped or damaged fastener, chip in the drilled hole, wrong hole size, or a broken drill. APP is always active without adding additional cycle time and has been proven to almost eliminate scrapping panels.

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