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High Upset Force Head

Up to 40,000 (18,200kg) of upset force!

With ability to install up to -14 Fatigue Rated Fuel Tight Slug Rivets, utilizing up to 40,000lbs (18,200kgs) of upset force, the High Upset Force Linear Head is capable of installing fasteners in the most demanding wing fastening or wing related fastening applications.

Gemcor’s patented roller screw technology drives both the straight down buck assembly and lower ram, providing a multitude of slug fastening processes including Squeeze, Squeeze/Squeeze, Pogo, etc.

The high level of precision control over Gemcor’s patented roller screw driven buck assembly and lower ram provides simple operator configurable setups with ability to run any type of fastener as well as reliably installing interference fit, 2 piece fasteners such as Huck Lockbolts or HiLoks.

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  • High speed linear electric servo motor transfer
  • 4 position transfer head which includes a vision resync camera, drill spindle, shave spindle and straight down buck.
  • An automatic tool changer
  • 2 Fischer/Precise spindles for precise drilling and shave functions

Active Panel Protection (APP)

APP is standard on every Gemcor All-Electric Head and provides protection against tipped or damaged fastener, chip in the drilled hole, wrong hole size, or a broken drill. This feature is always active without adding additional cycle time and has been proven to almost eliminate scrapping panels. Full servo control of the buck is integral to active panel protection.

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