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The Gemcor All Electric Rotary Upper Head System has a pleathra of benefits.

Increased flexibility

Having six (6) major and six (6) mid positions, the Rotary head offers tremendous flexibility in an economical package.

Eliminates the need for an automatic tool changer

The Rotary Head configuration maintains three (3) spindles and three (3) upper anvils eliminating the need for an automatic tool changer or time needed to automatically change tool sizes.

Improves output

The three (3) tool groups [drill/buck] means it is possible to change up to three (3) diameters/styles of fastener automatically without pulling off the panel for a manual tool-change, significantly improving throughput.

Provides a range of speed choices

Of the three (3) constant torque variable speed spindle motors, any one (1), two (2) or three (3) motors can be supplied in high speed configuration for primarily aluminum work, or low speed high torque for titanium or composite applications.

Provides simple operator configurable set up

Gemcor’s reliable All-Electric Rotary Head includes the capability to run any type of fastener from a – 4 headed rivet in either force or position upset mode, to a large diameter fuel tight fatigue rated slug fastener in either Squeeze or Squeeze/Squeeze mode, as well as reliably installing interference fit pins such as Lock-bolts or HiLoks.

Protection against panel damage

Active Panel Protection (APP) is standard on all GEMCOR All-Electric Heads and provides protection against tipped or damaged fasteners, chip in the drilled hole, wrong hole size, or a broken drill. This feature is always active without adding additional cycle time and has been proven to almost eliminate scrapping panels.

Eliminates the need for a zero backlash gearbox

Our rotary head system is driven by a cartridge drive which provides direct rotary drive to the dial plate.

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